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Our Solutions

MND Retail is a tech enabled services platform that offers brands an end-to-end solution to increase sales and brand exposure. Our data-driven, full service solution includes 3P Retail, Marketplace & D2C management, strategy, advertising, creative, listing management, analytics, and operations for brand protection, compliance, localised content, inventory management, fulfillment and multilingual customer support.

3P Retail

Selling cross-border is expensive, complex and resource-intensive. We built a comprehensive infrastructure to support the sale, shipment and fulfillment across global Marketplaces. 

As your retailer, we'll buy, stock, optimise, sell, ship and manage your brand online.

We offer you a quick and no risk solution to grow your reach and revenues in new markets without the need for hiring teams or worrying about international operations.  

Marketplace & D2C Management

Selling on Marketplaces diversifies your sales channels, giving you access to consumers across the world. 

We help you set up and grow in Marketplaces and D2C channels, enabling brand protection, price consistency, optimisation, compliance and multilingual customer service. 

Each account is assigned a team that will implement and monitor your growth plan and ensure your KPIs are met.

Performance Marketing

Digital advertsing is critical to driving qualified traffic to your listings. We create region specific, data-driven digital marketing strategies and campaigns to reach new customers and drive conversion (PPC, DSP and off Amazon Ads). 

Insights & Analytics Reporting

We take the guesswork out of eCommerce.

Our data scientists help brands make informed decisions and help develop successful digital retail strategies. We find new ways to improve processes, create efficiencies and grow your sales faster than your competitors. 

Creative Services

We create engaging and localised content across digital channels in different regions and markets.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand and pricing from unauthorized or non compliant sellers. 

- MAP enforcement

- Product suppression/Listing reinstatement

- Catalogue monitoring and maintenance


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