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About Us

Few industries are being disrupted more urgently than online retail and many businesses underestimate the nuances and complexity that eCommerce presents. Technology, procurement, logistics, warehousing, sales and marketing, data analytics, distribution and customer service are only some of the challenges that retailers and brands face when selling online. 

We are experts in Online Marketplaces and Direct to Consumer Retail. Our team has been selling online for more than 12 years in 5 different continents. 

We help accelerate your sales by providing managed services for your brand in Marketplaces and D2C channels and by offering a global solution that allows you to sell internationally. 

From full-service eCommerce solutions to a more customised set of services, you can rely on us to be your partner for online retail.  

Our Team

With 12+ years of online retail experience and decades in eCommerce and Marketplace strategy, software, performance marketing, analysis and sales, we can provide your business with industry-leading expertise to thrive online.

We employ a team of eCommerce experts in fields as diverse as advertising, content, data analytics, platform operations, warehousing and supply chain. While our company was founded in London, we now have a team of people spread across three continents in places like Dubai, London, Madrid, and Chile.

If you want to learn more about how we can deliver exceptional growth, contact us today. 

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